Our company's aim is to improve people's lives and the environment through integrated and sustainable projects, with a forward-looking vision and a commitment to develop local economies. To meet this goal, we place a great emphasis on building a multidisciplinary approach that strikes the right balance between innovation and tradition.

Integrated and multidisciplinary approach. Through the coordination of different disciplines, we develop complex projects that add value in environmental sustainability and socio-economic welfare.

Culture and tradition. For almost a century we have built expertise and leadership in different fields of engineering, with particular regard to water, environment, renewable energy, urban planning, structures, transportation.

Innovation and Research. We pay particular attention to the technological development and sustainability of our projects. Every year about 20% of SGI's turnover comes from projects carried out in the field of applied research and technological innovation.

We focus on enabling solutions for the public and private sector to improve the environment and the quality of life of the community. We pride ourselves of having successfully implemented some of the world's most challenging water projects: the restoration of the Mesopotamian marshlands between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Southern Iraq (New Eden Project), the water diversion project from the Blue to the Yellow River in China (SWIM, Sustainable Water Integrated Management), Strategies for Water and Land Recourses in Iraq (SWLRI), leakage management for the 37 Water Companies in Egypt (IBISS: Italian-Egyptian Capacity Building in the Integrated Water Supply & Sanitation), and the Wastewater Treatment Plan of the City of Milan serving over a million of population equivalent.