MONTENEGRO - SGI awarded of Lake Skadar-Shkoder Integrated Ecosystem Management Project (LSIEMP)

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Development of Predictive Hydrological Model for Skadar-Shkoder Lake Watershed Area


The project has for the main objective the development of an integrated Hydrological Predictive Model (HPM) for the Skadar-Shkoder lake Basin Area in a unique computing platform with technical documentation and a comprehensive database for the Client to be used as a support tool for the analysis, assessment and management of the water resources in the present day conditions, and a decision support tool for the environmental decision makers and managers under future development scenarios.
The HPM model will be used to simulate a baseline scenario reproducing the past five years (2005-2010) available hydrological and water quality data for the Skadar-Shkoder lake Basin Area. In addition, the HPM will be also used to simulate the water flow and quality in four future socio-economic development scenarios.


CLIENT: Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment of Montenegro