IRAQ - SGI awarded of Strategy for Water and Land Resources in Iraq (SWLRI)

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The development of the strategy that will guide the sustainable management and development of the water and land resources of Iraq for the next two decades, i.e. until 2030, and in particular of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and their main water courses, has been awarded to SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A, Leader of an Italian-American Consortium composed of Med Ingegneria and El Concorde. The contract was signed on 29th April 2010 in Baghdad by Dr. Latif Raschid, H.E. the Minister of Water Resources of Iraq, in the presence of Mr. Renato di Porcia e Brugnera, Counselor and Deputy Chief of Mission of the Italian Embassy in Iraq, and Mr. Nicola Bazzani, First Secretary of the Italian Embassy in Iraq.
SGI won the public tender where fourteen major international consulting companies have been invited to bid for this large project. The services that will be provided under this project lead by SGI are worth over 35 Million USD.
“Upon the contract signing – says Mr. Augusto Pretner, SGI Managing Director and signatory of the contract for and on behalf of the company – the strategy will be put in place in order to optimize the use of a vital source of Iraq, not only in terms of agriculture, industry and civil society, but also in terms of restoration of the Iraqi marshlands, the vastest area of that kind in the entire Middle East and one of the largest in the world.” The signing ceremony was also attended by Mr. Giorgio Galli, Head of SGI’s operations in Iraq and Manager of SGI’s offices in Suleimania and Erbil which, together with the new office currently being established in Baghdad, will drive the project activities towards the successful implementation of the SWLRI.
According to some expectations, the realization of several dam and hydropower projects in Turkey, Syria and Iran in the fore coming years could reduce by half the water available for Iraq. This water use issue is threatening to expand in ever more serious conflicts both in the area and in some other countries of the world. This is exactly the reason why the project for the development of a sustainable water and land use strategy entrusted to SGI also represents a strategic move in view of the peaceful development of the area. In such terms, all the members of the winning Consortium, committed since 2003 to the reconstruction of Iraq, will put their efforts so that this project actually contributes to this desired outcome.
This initiative launches the Phase II of the Strategy for Water and Land Resources in Iraq (SWRLI) of the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources. Within the year 2030 the final project for water and land resources planning will be presented, containing also a complete database of the available resources, presentation of assessment tools with hydrological and water quality models designed on a national scale, as well as project proposals for the execution of works.
Furthermore, in cooperation with the technical staff of the Ministry of Water Resources of Iraq, an advanced Decision Support System (DSS) and Data Management System (DMS) will be established as well, in order to help the involved stakeholders to cope with the problems of draughts and floods in the country.

The activities to be performed include data collection, archiving, and analysis, as well as performing all the planning activities required for the development of the Strategy. SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A. is in charge of the overall project coordination and team management, as well as for the liaison with the Ministry of Water Resources of Iraq and other relevant stakeholders.