ITALY - Opening of the new junction and tunnel of the National Road No. 45

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On 4th April 2011 the Provincial Administration of Padua officially opened to traffic the new junction of the Provincial Road no. 45, called “Stroppare”. The project, whose capital works investment amount to 10,720,000.00 €, entirely designed and supervised by SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A., has been co-financed by the Province of Padua, the Veneto Region, the Italian Railways Company and the Municipality of Vescovana. The works, commissioned to Carron Cav. Angelo S.p.A., have been completed within 20 months, in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions. 

The opening ceremony was attended by some of the most prominent members of the Region, as this initiative plays an essential role in the new configuration of the local transportation network. In fact, the new junction is inseparable part of the connection between the A13 highway toll booth Boara Pisani and the future A31 highway toll booth Piacenza d’Adige, according to the Traffic Plan of the Province of Padua. The new 4.5km long junction connects the National Road No. 16 ”Adriatica” to the Provincial Road No. 8 “Dei Bersaglieri”. The purpose of this junction is to avoid heavy goods vehicle transport through the residential areas of Vescovana and Stanghella and to close the level crossing on the Padua – Bologna railway line by opening the new railway underpass. The latter is the core element of the entire project. It is about 250m long (slip-roads included), approximately 13.5m wide (cycle lane included) and 5.07m high. The realization of the new railway underpass has been carried out through the construction of a surface monolith that has been subsequently pushed under the embankment by means of hydraulic jacks. During this phase, the temporary railway track supports ensured the normal regime and minimum delays of the railway traffic.