MACEDONIA - SGI's speeches at the Regional Ministerial Conference

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SGI presents at the Regional Ministerial Conference in Macedonia.


The Regional Ministerial Conference on the "Integrated River Basin management - platform for sharing of experiences", has been recently organized in Macedonia upon initiative of Mr. Nexhati Jakupi, H.E. the Minister of Environment and Physical Planning of Macedonia, with the support of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.


As a donor country of the Conference, the Republic of Italy was represented by Mr. Fabio Cristiani, H.E. the Ambassador. The Ministers of Environment of several Balkan Countries also attended the event. Other countries, such as Hungary, Turkey, and Greece, officially took part in the Conference. Representatives of UNECE and the Regional Environmental Centre (REC) gave their contribution to the opening speeches.
The main topic of the Conference was the integrated river basin management. In such terms, the first part of the event focused on the adoption of the Joint Declaration for Integrated River Basin Management aimed at the improvement of the cross-border dialog and cooperation on water management.
The second part of the Conference was dedicated to presentations of international experience in the water management sector.


SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A. presented two projects, namely “ADRICOSM STAR”, dealing with the integrated coastal and river basin management between Montenegro and Albania, whose results were presented by Dr. Antonio Guarnieri of Italian National Institute for Geology and Volcanology, SGI’s Partner for the said project, and “Monitoring of Water Resources in the Erzeni River Basin in Albania”, presented by SGI Expert Mr. Alessandro Bettin. The latter project is being carried out within the Albanian National Environmental Strategy. Its main objective is to collect key data regarding the available water resources in the Erzeni River Basin and carry out a critical assessment and elaboration of the availability and quality of the water resources at river basin level. Mr. Bettin’s presentation brought highlights not only on SGI’s know-how of technical aspects related to the river basin management, but also to its experience in the cross-border dialogue and stakeholders’ involvement, an essential component of the project and one of the key focuses of the Conference.