MEDITERRANEAN - SGI undertakes the AQUAKNIGHT project funded by the EU ENPI CBCMED Cross Border Cooperation

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ENPI CBCMED Cross Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean - AQUA KNowledge and Innovation transfer for water savinG in tHe mediTerranean basin Aquaknight).
The overall objectives of AQUAKNIGHT are to contribute to the protection of the environment by achieving a more efficient use of water resources, and to set-up a cooperation framework between stakeholders in the EU Mediterranean Countries (EUMC) and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) in order to improve the efficiency of water distribution networks. The specific objectives of the project are:
1) The development of five parallel pilot projects in Mediterranean Partner Countries (Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia) and EU Mediterranean Countries (Cyprus and Italy) for the transfer of experience in integrated planning and management of water distribution networks;
2) Capacity building of water companies and public institutions concerned with water management in order to promote water saving and water demand management;
3) To strengthen the links between water entities in the EUMC and the MPC to promote synergies and collaborative actions for tackling water scarcity in the Mediterranean basin;
4) To transfer the knowledge from EUMC to MPC on best practice and state-of-the-art techniques for efficient water management