SGI is now a member of the European Technology Platform for Water (WssTP)

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In November 2013, SGI became a member of the European Technology Platform for Water (WssTP).

Initiated by the European Commission in 2004, the platform became a non-profit association in 2007. WssTP strives to promote coordination and collaboration of research and innovation in the European water sector, improving same time its competitiveness.

To date WssTP consists of over 100 members and a network of more than 700 individuals from industry, research, technology providers, policy makers and water users.

As the officially recognized European Technology Platform for water by the European Commission, WssTP has substantially contributed to the development and improvement of the water sector in Europe through its key actions and its members presence as active players of the water sector.


As a new member SGI participated in WssTP Working Groups Workshop & Joint WssTP-ERRIN Brokerage event that took place in Brussels, on 22 November 2013 (November newsletter). The event had a strong turnout of over 100 attendees. A dedicated session introduced the WssTP’s new structure composed of 16 working groups. Apart from that the event was dedicated to the presentation of Horizon 2020 water-related calls in the 2014-2015 work programme.

SGI was present with two ideas for potential projects.


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