UGANDA - SGI signed for the Water Management and Development Project in Rukungiri, Katwe-Kabatoro and Koboko.

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In March 2014 SGI was awarded the "Water Management and Development Project: Design Review, Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Designs, and Construction Supervision of the Small Towns in Lot 2: Rukungiri, Katwe-Kabatoro and Koboko.


The overall objective of the Water Management and Development Project is to assist the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE), through the Directorate of Water Development (DWD), in improving the health, living standards and productivity of the population in the project towns, through equitable provision of adequate and good quality water supply and improved sanitation services, through provision of the infrastructure and commercialized management of the installed facilities.

This shall in turn stimulate economic growth in the small towns.


The specific objectives of the project for Small Towns in Lot 2 are:

Koboko Local Council
Kahenge River in Rukungiri Municipality
Katwe salt lake